Author: John Robson

Welcome to “Been There, Done That”

Welcome to Been There, Done That, Shouldn’t Have. Please try to keep smiling as we delve into economic history to look at instructive disasters we’re liable to repeat today while congratulating ourselves on being bold and new. What’s to smile about, you ask? Lots of things. First, we’re going to do economic history, not the sort of “economics” that surrounds you with a swarm of Greek letters buzzing and stinging like angry bees. I’m a historian by training, not a mathematical economist, and I don’t really think equations tell us a whole lot about the human condition. Indeed because I...

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For a Less Perfect Union

In this episode, John Robson explains the harm compulsory unionization has done to industry after industry, and to government, and asks why on earth people remain so determined to impose and protect it. Stay up to date on FreedomTALK Click here to...

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