Author: Kevin Avram

Per Person Share of Government Debt in Canada is Higher Than In Greece

Would you be surprised to learn that Canadians carry more government debt per person than someone living in Greece? It’s true. In 2011, the average amount of government debt per person in Greece stood at $34,300, or about $137,000 for every family of four. In the same year, the average amount of government debt per person in Canada stood at $38,400 per person—or about $154,000 for every family of four (provincial and federal debt combined). Ontario and Quebec alone owe more than Greece. Greece has a national debt of roughly $400 billion. Ontario and Quebec owe more than $500...

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Whose Bread I Eat His Song I Sing

I first came across the story of the wild hogs in Horseshoe Bend more than twenty years ago. It’s a true story that was written by Dr. J. McDaniel. It was first published in a bulletin of the Fulton County (Georgia) Medical Society. McDaniel was the society’s president. The truths contained in the story are timeless. Here’s what McDaniel had to say: I remember as a small boy in knee britches going with my father to hear an address given by the Honorable Stephen Pace, then a congressman from the old Georgia 12th District. It was on the banks...

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