Friends: Our Economic Education Association recently held our third Essentials of Freedom conference in Edmonton and our main speaker was historian / documentary film maker John Robson.

He made two points which I believe are important to the future of both Alberta and Canada and Canadians 4 Energy East.

1. You cannot have political freedom without economic freedom….

2. Our history going back hundreds, even thousands, of years is full of examples of ordinary folks winning extraordinary victories in the fight for and struggle to maintain their political and economic freedom.

Another of our speakers, by video, was Patrick Moore and as you can see from his presentation on this page, he believes, and our group agreed, that our personal, provincial and national economic freedom is being diminished by our inability to market our natural resources either within or outside of our country.

To that end many of us ‘ordinary folk’ are embarking on an effort to unite Canadians 4 Energy East in an effort to get the Energy East Pipeline approved and built.


Of course we need more than one pipeline. But one project at a time.

The recent suspension of the National Energy Board hearings on Energy East show the tenacity of the ‘anti oil’ ‘anti pipeline’  lobby and the necessity of a coordinated effort from those of us who are in favour of sensible development.

To that end we are committing to create a national conversation regarding the necessity of the Canadian government approving the building of Energy East, and of a rational approval process that brings reasonable results within a reasonable time.

We intend to enlist the support of hard working Canadians who rely on oilfield jobs as well as those in the service industries that grow and flourish in conjunction with a vibrant oil industry. And everyone concerned about our and our friends’ reliance on oil from repressive states hostile to Canada and its allies.

We also intend to engage everyone that prospers from the sale of ethical Canadian oil as well as those who chose to purchase our ethical oil. Which, if you use any oil products in your car, to heat your home, to lubricate machinery or in the form of plastic, or receive any government services, includes you 🙂

Last but not least we intend to garner support from municipal, provincial and federal elected officials, who are happy to spend the revenue from the taxes the oil industry pays each year and should be willing to help the industry survive and prosper.

Please join us and ask your friends to do likewise. Also, please send us your email so that you can be added to our Canadians 4 Energy East list of supporters. And send us any ideas that you might have on how ordinary folks like us can help to raise Canadians awareness of the necessity of approving Energy East.

I look forward to working with many of you to build a more prosperous future for our country.

I will leave you with a quote from Ruth Graham:

By unexpected means, God frequently makes possible the impossible by motivating the unmotivated.

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