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Milton Friedman: Why soaking the rich won’t work

The video is self-explanatory. This is a cut of an interview with the economist Milton Friedman, which answers a question about what rich people do with the profits they maliciously obtained from the poor citizens of our great nation.

Milton Friedman on Price Controls and Barter

This clip is taken from the 1992 discussion “Money” featuring Dr. Friedman, Dr. Daniel Gressel and Dr. Robert Hall. To purchase the full discussion or others, visit Free To Choose Network’s store:

Friedman and Sowell on Equality

Milton Friedman gives his brilliant assessment of equality in the context of inherited wealth. Thomas Sowell heatedly debates Frances Fox Piven, of ‘Cloward-Piven Strategy’ fame, on equality of opportunity versus equality of results.

Milton Friedman vs. Frances Fox Piven on Free Enterprise

In this classic video footage from Free To Choose Network, Milton Friedman debates Frances Fox Piven on free enterprise. Piven is skeptical that free enterprise has helped the world’s poorest people rise out of poverty and seems to be confused about the difference between free enterprise and colonialism. Friedman asks: “Compared to what?” Thomas Sowell joins the debate at the end and suggests we look at the evidence.

Since that clip was made, the evidence is indisputable. Visit: and for data on the power of economic freedom.

Milton Friedman- Welfare

Milton Friedman explains the dynamics of welfare

Do Gooders Who Do Harm

Milton Friedman discusses the efficacy of “affecting to trade for the public good,” as Adam Smith put it.

All too often people who are well-meaning and have good intentions end up creating results which are the opposite of the very thing they are trying to fix.

Michael Walker on Milton Friedman

Fraser Institute founder Michael Walker talks about the powerful effects Milton Friedman’s ideas have had around the world. He’s speaking at a memorial held at the University of Chicago.

Power of the Market – The Pencil

Milton Friedman uses a pencil to explain how the operation of the free market promotes harmony and world peace.

Milton Friedman Schools Young Idealist – 2 (Stanford)

In this archival Free To Choose Network footage, Milton Friedman takes Q & A at Stanford University. The classic exchange might as well have taken place yesterday. The young man’s questions get to the heart of tension between the values of liberty and equality — a tension that is still with us. Friedman dissolves egalitarianism by pointing out a simple fact: wealth redistribution creates state power elites, not equality. And the fact of coercion remains.

Milton Friedman – Socialism vs. Capitalism

Economist Milton Friedman taught Donahue a lesson when Phil attempted to equate greed with capitalism.

Friedman regards free enterprise as the best economic system ever developed by civilization and cites history as the proof of his contention.

The Most Persistent Economic Fallacy of All Time!

This video is an excerpt from Milton Friedman Speaks: Lecture 13, “Who Protects the Worker?”…

This is essentially a restatement of the “parable of the broken window.” This fallacy has been known since at least 1850 when French theorist Frédéric Bastiat published a pamphlet entitled, “That Which is Seen and That Which is Not Seen.” You can read it here:

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