Freedom School Conference 2014

Essentials of Freedom, Edmonton, Alberta

Conference Videos

Think or Sink

Elsa Schieder, PhD
thinker extraordinaire
– a.k.a. Dr Zee, for good thinking from A to Z,
– creator of The Idea Emporium.
Central Idea: Without the capacity to think, there is no freedom. We are locked inside blocks in our heads.

How Parliament is Supposed to Work

Link Byfield
– founder of the Citizen’s Centre for Freedom and Democracy, a lobby group dedicated to advocating responsible government,
– for 18 years, editor and publisher for the Alberta Report.

Our democracy doesn’t need fixin’!

Laurie Hawn
MP for Edmonton Center

Fixing Our Broken Democracy

Brent Rathgeber
MP for Edmonton – St. Albert riding

Czechoslovakia, Canada and Political Correctness

Alexandra Belaire
– blogger – as Xanthippa
– champion of freedom of speech – like for Connie and Marc Fournier, who had Canada’s oldest Conservative forum.

Political Correctness: The Dominant Dictatorial Social Control System

Karen Straughan,

Writing and vlogging on gender issues fearlessly since 2010.

Freedom of Speech – The Lifeblood of Democracy

Valerie Price
ACT! for Canada

Political Correctness in Academia

Janice Fiamengo, PhD

Economic Theory – Politically Incorrect

John Robson, PhD
(via video link)
– columnist and commentator with Sun Media,
– Invited Professor at the University of Ottawa.

Introduction – The Road to Clarity

2 – The Road to Poverty – Henry Hazlitt

3 – The Road to Serfdom – Friedrich Hayek

4 – The Road to Happiness – Charles Murray

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