Freedom School Conference 2015

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Link Byfield
– founder of the Citizen’s Centre for Freedom and Democracy, a lobby group dedicated to advocating responsible government,
– for 18 years, editor and publisher for the Alberta Report.

John Robson, PhD
– columnist and commentator with Sun Media,
– Invited Professor at the University of Ottawa.

The Magna Carta: The Foundation of Our Liberty

Taming Leviathan – Cutting Government

Smile When You Say That. Say It With a Smile

Elsa Schieder, PhD
thinker extraordinaire
– a.k.a. Dr Zee, for good thinking from A to Z,
– creator of The Idea Emporium.

From Cassandra to Churchill to Luke Skywalker: Key Action Strategies for Getting Heard

We Think or the West Sinks

Alberta Budget Troubles and Western Prosperity:
Past Lessons and Future Hopes

Mark Milke
Author of Tax Me, I’m Canadian: A Taxpayer’s Guide to Your Money and How Politicians Spend It
– director of Alberta Policy Studies for the Fraser Institute,
– lecturer in political science at the University of Calgary.

TOPIC: Lessons from Alberta’s Budget Fumbles

Farmers vs Railroads. A Class Action Suit Fails.

Tom Jackson
He let his name be used in a class action suit. It’s been a hard battle.

TOPIC: The Battle – and the Current Legal Outcome

Brian Lilley
– host of Byline on Sun News,
– political journalist and Senior Correspondent for Sun Media’s National Bureau.

High River Gun Grab. Against the Law.

Cut Government Size, Spending, Waste

Using Online Media to Get the Message Out.

The Door to Conservatism.

Dave Reesor
Let’s Do It Ourselves:
– the foundational belief is that the vast majority of people possess common sense, but that it’s application has been stifled and discouraged.

A New Direction for Alberta

Marcel G. Latouche
President & CEO The Institute for Public Sector Accountability

plus lecturer of economics and public sector finance at SAIT Polytechnic.

Inoculating Our Children Against Political Correctness

Alexandra Belaire
– blogger – as Xanthippa
– champion of freedom of speech – like for Connie and Marc Fournier, who had Canada’s oldest Conservative forum.

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